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Infants Nursery PreK Kindergarten/Before and After School Summer Care

One distinguishing factor about programs at Hansell Child Care is that children of different ages and abilities are provided with individualized education which is very important to us as a center that is licensed with the Department of Education. Having large classrooms means that groups learn and work at their own level and their own pace.


Our infant program provides your baby, starting at 6 weeks of age, with the opportunity to grow and learn in a nurturing & stimulating environment with a lot of love and affection from our staff.  We encourage each child to explore the play area at their own pace.  Through exploring they enhance their gross motor skills.  Their fine motor skills are expanded by grasping toys, stacking cubes, and turning pages in books.  A favorite activity for our infants is music, it helps to encourage them to move and expand their vocabulary and socialization.
Always feel free to call us to ask any questions you may have.

Nursery (2 & 3 yr olds)

This program is designed to continue the development of your child’s socialization skills they need to participate in individual and group activities.  Children are introduced to and begin to work with colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.  They are learning through circle time, art activities, singing songs, science, learning centers, and playing outside.
Our math program will help your child learn patterns, sorting, and classifying, geometry, counting by 1’s, recognizing numbers 1-20, calendar (days and months) to build a foundation for future learning.
Our language arts program has a goal to help children identify both upper and lower case letters, as well as beginning to practice writing uppercase letters.  During story time the teacher might ask children to make simple predictions about what they think will happen next or other questions about the book.  We begin to work with each child’s name to help them learn their last name as well as recognize both their first and last name.
In addition, we are working to develop basic skills such as Birthday, listening skills, following multi step directions, problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, communication, etc.


The PreK program expands on our nursery program.  We add to their basic skills by teaching them to write their first and last name, recite their full birthdate, recite fingerplays and songs, and utilize communication skills.
The math curriculum adds counting to 30, counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  In addition, they begin counting backwards from 20 to 0, begin to introduce recognizing number words, and addition and subtraction concepts.
The language arts curriculum also expands by printing lower case letters, practicing letter and sound recognition, and identifying sight words.  Story time will continue to be an important part of this program.  They will start to identify a story’s beginning and end, and begin to illustrate pictures to go along with a story they tell or listen to.

Kindergarten/Before and After School

We provide a before and after school program for school age children from Kindergarten to 4th grade, with direct busing is available to and from Bridgeport Elementary School.   Care is provided before, and after, as well as days off of school.  This program builds off the children’s interests and needs.
Upon returning from school students are given time to complete their homework with assistance and snack time.  Students may also participate in a number of different activities, both in the classroom or outside, such as arts and crafts, fitness activities, outdoor play, free choice, learning centers, and academic enrichment.
The Kindergarten program continues to expand on our math and language art curriculum that we have introduced in PreK and begins to add new concepts and expand on what they are being taught in Kindergarten. For example, new concepts to our language arts and math curriculum like: counting backwards, telling time, money recognition, graphing and tallying, printing lower case letters, rhyming words, more sight words, retelling stories, writing first and last names, just to name a few. 

Summer Care

We provide full day care when the local school districts are not in session.

School Year

The school year begins the same day as Upper Merion School District and lasts through mid-June.

    School Holidays 2018-2019

Independence Day
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New Year’s Day (after)
Martin Luther King Day
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